Water Kefir Recipes

Refreshing Grapefruit Water Kefir Recipe

Refreshing Grapefruit Water Kefir Recipe. Reminiscent of commercial grapefruit-flavored sodas, this tangy beverage is perfectly refreshing. Use red grapefruit for juicing for the prettiest color and sweetest flavor. www.culturesforhealth.com
Water Kefir Recipe

Water Kefir Recipe . I'd like to share with you a water kefir recipe. How to make water kefir? Follow this easy water kefir recipe and feel free to experiment with flavoring. aniafieldsphotoart.com
Water Kefir From 'mastering Fermentation' Recipe

Water Kefir from 'Mastering Fermentation' Recipe . Milk kefir is a pretty common sight in the dairy aisle these days—or at least it is in California. Much more mysterious is its lactose-free cousin, water kefir. Both drinks are fermented with similar SCOBYs (symbiotic colonies of bacteria and yeast), but milk kefir grains feed on the natural sugars in the milk while water kefir needs additional sugar or fruit juice to get going. Mary Karlin provides recipes for both in her new cookbook, Mastering Fermentatio. Today, we're trying our hand at the water-based version. www.seriouseats.com
Tibicos (water Kefir)

Water Kefir Recipe

Water Kefir Recipe . Water Kefir is a naturally fizzy fermented drink that is full of probiotics and enzymes for a delicious and healthy drink! wellnessmama.com
How To Make Probiotic Rich Water Kefir

How To Make Probiotic Rich Water Kefir . Probiotic rich water kefir recipe. Easy step by step instructions including how to make a fizzy kefir soda. Great for digestion and full of minerals. www.fermentedfoodlab.com
How To Make Water Kefir

How to Make Water Kefir. Water kefir is a lightly sweet and refreshing tonic, bubbling over with healthy bacteria. Learn how to make it here with a step-by-step guide. www.thenourishinggourmet.com

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