Vegetarian Pasta Recipes

Easy Vegetarian Pasta Salad Recipe

Easy Vegetarian Pasta Salad Recipe . With little or almost no cooking involved, this one pot, versatile, vegetarian pasta salad recipe is a boon when you are in a hurry to fix a healthy meal for your family.
Lentil And Ricotta Cannelloni

Lentil and ricotta cannelloni. Lentils are a healthy and budget-friendly alternative to meat. They are the perfect mince substitute in this tasty vegetarian cannelloni.
Creamy Veggie Pasta Skillet

Creamy Veggie Pasta Skillet . Creamy Veggie Pasta Skillet - A hearty vegetarian meal that comes together in one skillet. Creamy pasta loaded with carrots, broccoli and peas.
Tuscan Vegetarian Pasta Recipe

Tuscan Vegetarian Pasta Recipe . Make and share this Tuscan Vegetarian Pasta recipe from Genius Kitchen.
Vegetarian Pasta Recipes

Vegetarian pasta recipes . From lasagne to linguine, take a look at our Italian pasta sauces that go way beyond the pesto jar.

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