Tri Tip Recipes

Grilled Tri

Grilled Tri. Grilled Tri-Tip roast makes steak dinners easy. We show you how simple it is to select, prep, grill and serve this amazing cut and bring the WOW to dinner.
Grilled Tri

Grilled Tri. Try our delicious Grilled Tri-Tip Roast with Santa Maria Salsa. Our succulent Grilled Tri-Tip Roast with Santa Maria Salsa is sure to be a crowd-favorite.
Barbecued Tri

Barbecued Tri. You’ll love barbecued Tri-tip roast or Tri-tip steaks. Tri-tip has a rich, venerable steak flavor that is somewhere between ribeye and prime rib (full of flavor and beyond tender).

Easy Seasoned Tri Tip Recipe

Easy Seasoned Tri Tip Recipe .
Grilled Or Oven

Grilled or Oven. You might need to ask your butcher (assuming you have one) or even a store meat manager to order in a tri-tip roast Two pounds is a good size, but if you come across a larger one, by all means grab it as the extra meat makes amazing sandwiches The trick is to carve the tri-tip against the grain, which can change directions in this cut

Tri. Making Tri-tip in the oven is SO easy and delicious and a total crowd-pleaser.

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