Roll Cake Recipes

Swiss Chocolate Roll Cake (recipe) ~ Best Cake Recipes

Swiss Chocolate Roll Cake (Recipe) ~ Best Cake Recipes.
How To Make A Flag Roll Cake – Sugarywinzy

How to Make a Flag Roll Cake – SugaryWinzy. Bake your flag on a luscious lemon roll cake to liven up any occasion, or bake the cake plain and dust it with powdered sugar to finish it off.
Chocolate Swiss Roll Cake

Chocolate Swiss Roll Cake .
How To Make Japanese Fruit Roll Cake (recipe With Video)

How to make Japanese Fruit Roll Cake (Recipe with video) . Video recipe with tips on how to make a perfect fruit roll cake, just like the roll cake you find in Japanese patisseries.
Chocolate Cake Roll Recipe

Chocolate Cake Roll Recipe . A delicious cream cheese filling complements the rich chocolate cake in this show-stopper dessert. And if your cake cracks when rolled, don't worry-- the chocolate frosting will cover any cracks.
Jelly Roll Cake Recipe

Jelly Roll Cake Recipe . Soft, sweet, and full of jam, this sponge cake is easy to roll and makes for a simple yet impressive dessert!

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