Rob Roy Recipes

Rob Roy (scotch Manhattan) Cocktail Recipe

Rob Roy (Scotch Manhattan) Cocktail Recipe. When you make a Manhattan cocktail with Scotch whiskey you have a Rob Roy and this easy recipe is perfect for any occasion and great after dinner.
Rob Roy Drink Recipe

Rob Roy Drink Recipe . Even though this Rob Roy recipe uses the original ingredients and garnish, the prepared drink is not overly sweet. The tips given in this recipe will help you make its dry or perfect version too.
Rob Roy Cocktail Recipe

Rob Roy Cocktail Recipe. To make a rob roy cocktail use dewar's 12 year old 'the ancestor' blended scotch whisky, martini rosso sweet vermouth, angostura aromatic bitters, maraschino syrup
Rob Roy

Rob Roy . The Rob Roy is a great cocktail with a whisky base and topped with a cherry; a true classic cocktail; Learn how to make your own Rob Roy with Jamie's Drinks Tube.

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