Red Sangria Recipes

The Best Sangria Ever

The Best Sangria Ever . The Best Sangria Ever is a classic recipe, with just enough sweetness. Make a double or triple batch - it goes quick!
Recipe  Red Wine Summer Sangria

Recipe: Red Wine Summer Sangria . Sangria is the perfect refreshing cocktail to serve at your party. Originally from Spain, Sangria is a wine based cocktail with a bit of brandy, fresh fruit and a hint of sweetener. Sangria is easy to make, and can turn an inexpensive bottle of wine into an irresistible refreshment.
How To Make Red Sangria

Delicious Red Sangria Recipe

Delicious Red Sangria Recipe . As promised, see below for my delicious red sangria recipe that I made this weekend.  I've tried several different recipes over the years, and this weekend I decided try my own recipe.  I always get nervous trying new recipes with a group of people, but how could you go wrong with sangria? Delicious Red Sangria…
Red Sangria With Mixed Berries

Red Sangria with Mixed Berries .
Classic Red Sangria Recipe

Classic Red Sangria Recipe . A simple (but potent!) red wine sangria with apples, oranges, allspice, and brandy. A splash of zesty ginger beer tops it off. Beware, this goes fast!

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