Red Cabbage Recipes

Braised Red Cabbage With Red Zinfandel

Braised Red Cabbage with Red Zinfandel . This pleasantly sweet side dish yearns to be served with roast pork and potatoes.
Asian Red Cabbage Slaw

Asian Red Cabbage Slaw . This Asian Red Cabbage Slaw has the flavor to match its beauty, dressed in rice vinegar, sesame oil, honey, and fresh ginger.

Make. Bring that festive feeling to your kitchen with some red cabbage simmering on the stove.This recipe can be made in advance, perfect if you are planning for a stress-free Christmas. For this recipe you will need a food processor.
Red Cabbage Recipes

Red cabbage recipes . This vibrant brassica goes a long way when you have lots of hungry mouths to feed. Try our Christmas red cabbage recipes and serving suggestions.
Red Cabbage Salad With Apple

Red Cabbage Salad with Apple . This Red Cabbage Salad with Apple is loaded with the best Autumn Ingredients. Adding sauerkraut to the salad makes it like a red cabbage slaw. One of our Favorite Red Cabbage Recipes!
Creamy Pasta With Bacon And Red Cabbage Recipe

Creamy Pasta With Bacon and Red Cabbage Recipe . Smoky bacon and cabbage are a classic Eastern European combination, but tossing them with pasta and a bit of cream takes them in a heartier direction Use a short, curvy shape, such as cavatappi or fusilli, that can catch the silky sauce in its crooks Red cabbage is called for here, but regular green or Savoy cabbage would also work well

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