Raisin Pie Recipes

Rum Raisin Pie – Sheknows

Rum raisin pie – SheKnows. Introduce this unique, creamy pie into your Thanksgiving recipes for a unique, but decadent, change to the typical holiday dessert! www.sheknows.com
Brown Sugar Rum Raisin Pie

Brown Sugar Rum Raisin Pie. This Brown Sugar Rum Raisins Pie is an old-fashioned pie made with brown sugar, rum and raisins for an delectable pie. shewearsmanyhats.com
Sour Cream

Sour Cream. Try this version of an all-time favorite sour cream-raisin pie that was a 2010 State Fair Pie Contest winner. www.bettycrocker.com
Sour Cream

Sour Cream. Try this winning entry of a tasty sour cream-raisin pie with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg from the 2010 State Fair Pie Contest. www.pillsbury.com
Simple Raisin Pie Recipe

Simple Raisin Pie Recipe . Raisins are first plumped in a mixture of water, sugar, flour, vanilla, lemon juice and butter. Then the filling is poured into a prepared pastry crust, topped with another crust and baked. Serve it with scoops of rum raisin ice cream. www.allrecipes.com

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