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Fanned Baked Potatoes Recipe

Fanned Baked Potatoes Recipe . Learn what happens when plain ol' baking potatoes get a fancy fan cut and a sprinkle of dressing and Parmesan cheese. Spoiler: deliciousness! Slicing into these spuds before baking means more crispy, golden-brown bits on these Fanned Baked Potatoes. www.kraftrecipes.com
Classic Scalloped Potato Recipe

Classic Scalloped Potato Recipe . Not only are rich scalloped potatoes easy to make, but they go with everything from a weeknight roast chicken to a Sunday roast beef. The key to this classic comfort food recipe is starting with waxy Yukon Gold potatoes and slicing them thinly and uniformly. Equal amounts of heavy cream and whole milk result in the perfect tender texture and creamy consistency. Resist the urge to use lighter versions of either ingredient if it’s the real thing you’re after. If you’re going to use a mandoline to slice the potatoes, be sure to watch our video for tips on applying even and consistent pressure while running your potato over the blade. www.finecooking.com

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