Pine Nut Recipes


Sweet. Inspired by Sicilian food, these meatballs get vibrant flavor from a vinegar-based agrodolce sauce, currants, and pine nuts. Whole-wheat breadcrumbs added at the end lend a nice crunch. Serve them with sautéed spinach for a simple main course.
Pine Nut Gelato Recipe

Pine Nut Gelato Recipe .
Joe's Hummus With Pine Nuts Recipe

Joe's Hummus with Pine Nuts Recipe . This toasted pinenut hummus is made with plenty of lemon juice and garlic, with just a hint of tahini for richness.
Sautéed Spinach With Golden Raisins, Pine Nuts And Fresh

Sautéed Spinach with Golden Raisins, Pine Nuts and Fresh Breadcrumbs . This spinach side mixes the sweetness of raisins with savory garlic breadcrumbs. Making fresh breadcrumbs is simple. Use stale bread or toast fresh bread in a 300°F oven for a few minutes until crisp, and then pulse in a food processor until the bread is the size of peas.
Balsamic Pasta With Garlic & Pine Nuts

Balsamic Pasta with Garlic & Pine Nuts . A super simple 20-minute weeknight pasta recipe with a flavorful balsamic sauce, toasted garlic and pine nuts and Parmesan cheese.
Roasted Green Beans With Lemon, Pine Nuts & Parmigiano

Roasted Green Beans with Lemon, Pine Nuts & Parmigiano .

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