Pillsbury Grands Recipes

Grands!™ Spinach And Feta Foldovers Recipe

Grands!™ Spinach and Feta Foldovers Recipe . These tasty appetizers take their inspiration from the Greek pastry called spanakopita. www.pillsbury.com
Grands!™ Cheesy Herb Monkey Bread Recipe

Grands!™ Cheesy Herb Monkey Bread Recipe . Everyone loves monkey bread, but this one is for the true cheese lover. www.pillsbury.com
Grilled Cheese Recipes  Delicious Idea For Crazy School Nights

Grilled Cheese Recipes: Delicious Idea for Crazy School Nights. Http://member.clevergirlscollective.com/track?u=4763&g=725 In our home, grilled cheese recipes are what we turn to on the craziest of school nights, which is usually Wednesdays. While we are all home by 4:45pm, I have been in the car 4 different times taking each girl to school and picking each girl up (separate trips), and we've gone to ballet,… stuffparentsneed.com
Monkey Bread Recipe

Monkey Bread Recipe . This easy Monkey Bread recipe uses refrigerated biscuits to make a buttery and sweet Monkey Bread. Pecans add a little crunch. spicysouthernkitchen.com

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