Mini Cake Recipes

Mini Victoria Sponge Cakes Recipe

Mini Victoria sponge cakes recipe . We’ve zapped the classic Mary Berry Victoria sponge with a shrink ray to make these adorable little cakes. Equipment and preparation: for this recipe you will need a 12-cup mini sandwich tin and a piping bag fitted with a 1cm/½in plain nozzle
Chocolate Mini Cakes

Red Velvet Cake Minis

Red Velvet Cake Minis .
How To Make Mini Ombre Cakes

How to Make Mini Ombre Cakes . Learn how to make Mini Cakes! These cute Mini Ombre Cakes are a fun treat that's easy and affordable to bake! Customize them with chocolate word toppers!
Mini Brownie Butter Cake

Mini Brownie Butter Cake .

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