Matzo Brei Recipes

Matzo Brei With Roasted Cherries

Matzo Brei with Roasted Cherries . In this take on the classic Passover breakfast dish, eggy matzo brei gets topped with juicy, sweet cherries roasted with vanilla and orange zest.
How To Make The Perfect Matzo Brei In 2018

How to Make The Perfect Matzo Brei in 2018 . Apr 23, 2018- One foolproof recipe for the ultimate Passover comfort food.
Pineapple Matzo Brei

Pineapple Matzo Brei . Matzo brei (rhymes with “fry”) is a traditional Passover dish made from matzo fried with eggs in a sort of pancake or a looser scramble, like this one. Here, it’s sweetened with orange juice, fresh pineapple, and maple syrup.
Savory Matzo Brei Recipe

Classic Matzo Brei Recipe

Classic Matzo Brei Recipe . In this matzo brei (rhymes with fry) recipe, the matzo sheets are browned in butter until crisp before being lightly scrambled with eggs You make this either sweet or savory as you prefer. Add black pepper, plenty of salt and chives for a savory version, or demerara sugar and maple syrup or honey if you would like something sweeter It’s a fine breakfast or brunch any time of the year, and especially during Passover.
Matzo Brei Recipe

Matzo Brei Recipe . Get Matzo Brei Recipe from Food Network

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