Lentils And Rice Recipes

Rice And Lentils With Ham

Rice and Lentils with Ham . Ham brings a salty-sweet savoriness to this twist on the Arabic dish mujaddara, a mix of lentils, rice, and aromatics found throughout the Middle East. Serve with a fresh green salad. www.finecooking.com
Recipe  Louisiana

Recipe: Louisiana. Let’s celebrate Mondays. This salute to the Big Easy is an update of the classic Creole “Red Beans and Rice.” Traditionally, the dish was served on Mondays, made with the leftover ham from Sunday dinner. Our vegetarian version keeps both the aesthetic and the flavor intact, using red lentils (which are higher in protein than red beans), the trinity of Creole cooking (celery bell pepper & onion) and a lightly spicy, classic Cajun seasoning. www.blueapron.com

Mujaddara . Mujaddara - Spiced lentils and rice prepared with long grain Basmati Rice, Brown Lentils, and warm spices which make this vegetarian meal rich, protein-packed, and delicious. With crunch of toasted... www.chefdehome.com
Onion Lentils And Rice Recipe

Onion Lentils And Rice Recipe . This recipe is adapted from What to Cook cookbook. Other than slicing the onions, it doesnt take a lot of prep time. This is what I make when I come home from work hungry and exhausted and want something yummy and filling for dinner. www.geniuskitchen.com

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