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Bourbon Hot Toddy

Bourbon Hot Toddy . While a hot toddy can’t cure a cold or the flu—as it was thought to do when the drink was invented in the late 19th century—it sure can soothe the soul. Visit our Drinks page for dozens more soothing cocktail recipes like this one.
Recipe  Hot Toddy! — Ab Chao

Curridiculum  Hot Tottie Recipe

Curridiculum: Hot Tottie Recipe.
The Classic Hot Toddy Recipe

Healing Hot Toddy Recipe (medicinal & Recreational)

Healing Hot Toddy Recipe (medicinal & recreational) .
Recipe  Hot Toddy! In 2018

Recipe: Hot Toddy! in 2018 . Dec 14, 2018- Internet, I am packing for Chicago, getting your camp post ready for tomorrow, and kind of having a cold. So I thought I'd share my favorite recip

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