Hot Cocoa Recipes

Classic Hot Cocoa Recipe

Classic Hot Cocoa Recipe . A rich, creamy, easy-to-make hot cocoa recipe that will warm you up on the cold winter days ahead.
Bacon, Bourbon, And Hazelnut Hot Chocolate Recipe

Bacon, Bourbon, and Hazelnut Hot Chocolate Recipe . Forget wussy crumbled bacon on top. For this one, we emulsify bacon fat right into the drink. If you like Nutella and you like bacon, this spiked hot chocolate is the one for you.
Easy Hot Chocolate Recipe (with Lactose

Easy Hot Chocolate Recipe (with lactose. This easy hot chocolate recipe will have you sipping on rich and comforting cocoa in less than 10 minutes. Lactose-free instructions included!
Hot Cocoa For One

Hot Cocoa for One. When you’re on your own during a chilly winter’s night, this HERSHEY’S hot cocoa recipe for one is just what you need for warm comfort by the cup.
Homemade Hot Chocolate 3 Ways Recipe

Homemade Hot Chocolate 3 Ways Recipe . Get Homemade Hot Chocolate 3 Ways Recipe from Food Network

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