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Recipe 4 Ways To Make Coconut Milk  What Coconut Or Coconut

Recipe 4 Ways to Make Coconut Milk. What Coconut or Coconut Product to Choose for Making Coconut Milk?. WHAT, ENSLAVED MONKEYS? - I was using Young Thai coconuts, until I found out that there may be as much as 99% of the Thai coconuts being picked by enslaved and abused monkeys. COCONUTS - Free from Monkey Slavery & Abuse - Many stores that sell coconuts offer a few different types of coconuts: 1) young Thai (white, with husk), 2) mature - dry (brown, without husk), 3) mature - fresh (white, without husk) and 4) fresh (green, with husk). For the freshest and lowest cost, I buy coconuts in the Mexican or Asian markets. Coconut Milk - From young Thai coconuts (white, with husk) - White coconuts with a flat round base and a cone shaped top and wrapped in plastic. I consider these to be the best-tasting of the coconuts.Thai coconut water is sweetest, and the 'meat' is the softest, almost jelly like.If you use young Thai for making coconut milk, it does not require straining. Just blend the coconut meat with the coconut water (or regular water) and be prepared to drink sweet coconut milk. Not all coconuts have the same amount of meat, so the thickness of milk will depend on the amount of coconut meat and water. Not Ethical/Vegan- Unfortunately, in Thailand, it is estimated that 99% of the coconuts are harvested by enslaved monkeys (macaques), so this kind of practice is definitely not considered ethical or Vegan, which is why I am not buying them anymore. This harvesting practice is not just in Thailand - Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and other countries in the region also use monkeys. There are lists of companies on the internet that claim that they do not use monkeys, yet based on my personal experiences, I do not automatically trust any company just on their words, because they could be and often are deceiving/lying. I would guess that some of these companies may have never even seen the coconut farm(s) they buy from and/or have independently investigated where their coconuts come from, since they just buy coconuts wholesale or buy already processed coconut products. So, to be sure I would only buy from countries that I am sure do not use monkeys. According to my research, Mexico does not use monkeys. NOTE: If a coconut product says, "Made in USA" (e.g. coconut oil, butter, shreds...), it does not mean that the coconuts are grown in the USA. Made in USA, usually refers to the processing, and not where it was grown, so can be made from 100% imported product(s). Coconut milk - From mature- dry (brown, without husk) coconut - Water is often much less compared to other coconuts and not good for drinking. The meat is good for coconut milk, but it will require straining to make smooth coconut milk.Coconut milk - From mature fresh (white, without husk) coconut - These offer a good quality water and milk product, but are fibery, so it requires straining to make smooth coconut milk.Coconut milk - From fresh/green coconuts (green, with husk) - They often have their top and bottom trimmed off. The are very sweet and tasty, similar to young Thai coconut. They are often found  in Mexican Markets for about $2-$3 each. They are very good quality for both water and meat, great for smoothies, some can be little too fibery for coconut milk without staining. Coconut milk - From shredded coconut or coconut flakes - A low-cost option that does not require opening coconut. Usually sold in bulk, but it makes hard to identify where coconut was grown, since bulk items usually not labeled the country of origin.Coconut milk - From coconut butter -  This is the whole coconut, not just oil. Nutiva www.ecopeaceful.com
3 Reasons To Try Hemp Milk (dr  Oz Loves It!)

3 Reasons to Try Hemp Milk (Dr. Oz Loves It!) . We know milk does a body good, but... hemp milk? www.self.com
How To Make Raw Vegan Hemp Milk

How to Make Raw Vegan Hemp Milk . A homemade hemp milk recipe made from hemp seeds and suitable for vegans and those on a raw food diet. www.thespruceeats.com
Super Seed Muesli With Hemp Milk

Super Seed Muesli with Hemp Milk. Super Seed Muesli with Hemp Milk is a delicious breakfast or snack recipe with omega-3 rich seeds, protein, and fiber. Learn how to make hemp milk. nutritionstripped.com
Homemade Hemp Milk

Homemade Hemp Milk . This Homemade Hemp Milk is a creamy, nut-free and dairy-free milk alternative. This recipe is also paleo and vegan friendly. detoxinista.com
Homemade Hemp Milk Recipe

Homemade Hemp Milk Recipe. Delicious homemade hemp milk is a great base for all your non-dairy projects, including making yogurt! www.culturesforhealth.com

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