Green Tomato Recipes

Spicy Green Tomato

Spicy Green Tomato. Get Spicy Green Tomato-Avocado Salad Recipe from Food Network
Green Tomato Soup With Country Ham

Green Tomato Soup With Country Ham. This is a flavorful green tomato soup recipe made with a generous amount of diced country ham, a little garlic, and some jalapeno pepper and hot sauce.
Green Tomato Frittata Recipe

Green Tomato Frittata Recipe . This is an adaptation of a recipe I came across in “The Savory Way,” by Deborah Madison The acidic green tomatoes are nicely balanced by the neutral flavor of the eggs.
Green Tomato Salad Recipe

Green Tomato Salad Recipe . Green tomatoes are either nearly impossible to find or in such abundance that farmers at the greenmarket almost give them away This recipe was inspired by Rachael Ray, who gets green tomatoes from a wholesaler when they’re scarce or has a favorite farmer at the Union Square Greenmarket in Manhattan set some aside during the late spring and early summer when they’re abundant You can adjust the amount of peppers to control the heat

Parmesan. Slow roasting gives tart-tasting green tomatoes a smooth, mellow flavor. The Parmesan topping offers a nice contrast to the mellow tomatoes and sweet onions.
Green Tomato Salsa Verde Recipe

Green Tomato Salsa Verde Recipe . Mexican salsa verde usually is made with tomatillos, not green tomatoes (Tomatillos are in the same family as green tomatoes, but more closely related to the gooseberry.) But this version is a beautiful and delicious salsa, even without tomatillos.

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