Green Eggs And Ham Recipes

Linda's Green Eggs And Ham Appetizers Recipe

Linda's Green Eggs and Ham Appetizers Recipe . These are GREAT around the holidays to bring, especially to a Halloween, Christmas, Easter or St. Patrick's Day Party!!! Cooking time is time it takes to make your hard boiled eggs.
Green Eggs And Ham Recipe

Green Eggs and Ham Recipe . Get Green Eggs and Ham Recipe from Food Network
Green Eggs {and Ham}

Green Eggs {and Ham}.
3 Ways To Make Green Eggs And Ham

3 Ways to Make Green Eggs and Ham . How to Make Green Eggs and Ham. You've heard of the famous dish in Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham. Now, you can make it yourself! With a little bit of food coloring, you can make a dish that looks very close to the dish in the book. You...
Green Eggs & Ham Recipe

Green Eggs & Ham Recipe . When my kids were all little they loved Dr. Seuss, and his book Green Eggs and Ham was their favorite. In an effort to get them to eat eggs, I came up with the idea of making 'Green Eggs & Ham' for breakfast. They loved it and would often demand it for breakfast. Just multiple the ingredients by the number of small children you are serving. If the kids are a little older, then you can double serving sizes. This recipe also served as a good 'science experiment' when the kids were learning about primary and secondary colors...after-all, yellow and blue make green! :-) I look forward to the day when I'll be able to make 'Green Eggs & Ham' for my grandkids.
Green Eggs And Ham Recipe Is Totally Dye Free

Green Eggs and Ham Recipe is Totally Dye Free . This naturally green eggs and ham recipe is a hit with kids and perfect for a Dr. Suess fan, or as a simple St. Patrick's Day breakfast. And it's totally dye-free!

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