Grain Bowl Recipes

Parisian Grain Bowl With Lentils And Duck Confit

Parisian Grain Bowl with Lentils and Duck Confit . Lentils and duck are a double dose of protein in this trés chic grain bowl. A smaller portion of grain than other bowls keeps it from being too heavy.
Curry Spice Vegetable And Grain Bowl Recipe

Curry Spice Vegetable and Grain Bowl Recipe . Whole grains, protein and nutrient-dense vegetables make this bowl a tasty, satisfying meal. Get the recipe here.
Spiced Chickpea, Red Pepper, Aubergine And Quinoa Grain Bowl

Spiced chickpea, red pepper, aubergine and quinoa grain bowl recipe . Smoky griddled aubergine with subtly spiced chickpeas and cooling yoghurt will make your lunch the envy of the office.
Tuscan Grain Bowl With Grilled Chicken And Broccolini

Tuscan Grain Bowl with Grilled Chicken and Broccolini . A quick pesto-like sauce brings this bowl together and adds summery flavor. Crisp garlic slivers are a fun crunchy element.
Pantry Grain Bowl Recipe

Pantry Grain Bowl Recipe . Get Pantry Grain Bowl Recipe from Food Network

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