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The Benefits Of Turmeric

The Benefits of Turmeric .
Doug's Turmeric Paste Golden Paste For Dogs Recipe And Humans

Doug's TURMERIC PASTE Golden Paste FOR DOGS Recipe and Humans Horses Cat TURMERIC POWDER 12 Cup 125ml60gms Organic or Whole Ground Place Turmeric and 1 Cup Water in Pan Place on Low Heat and Simmer Only Simmer for 7 10 Minutes Stirring in More Water From 2nd Cup if Mixture Seems Dry WATER Remove From Heat Stir in the Coconut or Olive Oil and Freshly Ground Black Pepper 1 to 2 Cups Mix Well and Allow to Cool Store in a Glass Jar Keep Refrigerated for 2. Doug's TURMERIC PASTE Golden Paste FOR DOGS Recipe (and humans, horses, cat... TURMERIC POWDER 1/2 cup (125ml/60gms) organic or whole ground Place Turmeric and 1 cup water in pan place on low heat and simmer only. Simmer for 7 10 minutes stirring in more water from 2nd cup if mixture seems dry. WATER Remove from heat. Stir in the Coconut or Olive oil, and freshly ground Black Pepper. 1 to 2 cups Mix well and allow to cool. Store in a glass jar, Keep refrigerated for 2-3 weeks. (250ml 500ml) Can be frozen if there is too much to be used within 3 weeks. normal water Ada turmeric paste to food and beverages 1 3 times a day COCONUT OIL 1/3 cup (80m) unrefined coconut Humans 1/4 teaspoon twice daily with food extra virgin olive oil Dogs/Cats 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon twice daily with food Horses 1 teaspoon twice daily with feed BLACK PEPPER Start small, then increase amount by a quarter teaspoon every week until FRESH GROUND desired result is felt or seen. Some stay on the quarter teaspoon starter 1.5 teaspoons amount, some find a teaspoon three times a day is their ideal amount. fresh ground black peppercorns Amount to use is never per weight, fb: Turmeric User Group per individual need turmericlife goldenpaste illustration by Cathy Dee https//instasram/com/turmeric iRer Tumeric Paste for Dogs (who has used it)
The Golden Rules About Golden Paste For Dogs

The Golden Rules About Golden Paste for Dogs . Have you ever heard of the miracle of turmeric root and its range of different benefits for your dog? Whether you have or haven’t, you are about to rock your dog's world with golden paste! We'll provide you with a number of different golden paste recipes and let you know how they can benefit your doggo!!

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