Frito Pie Recipes

Remember Mom's Frito Pie  Here's The Secret Recipe!

Remember Mom's Frito Pie? Here's the Secret Recipe!. Just like Mom used to make it, this Chicken Frito Pie has just the right amount of crunch(!) and nostalgia. Go light on salt when seasoning, because we all know Fritos are salty   UPDATE: Dear Readers, a misprint was made on the Chicken Frito Pie recipe as it appeared in the February 2011 issue of [...]
Frito Chili Pie Recipe

Frito Chili Pie Recipe. A recipe for Frito Pie - the popular combination of homemade chili, shredded cheddar cheese and Fritos corn chips.
Easy Frito Pie

Easy Frito Pie .
Frito Pie

Fritos™ Pie Casserole Recipe

Fritos™ Pie Casserole Recipe . Crunchy, cheesy and made extra easy with always-on-hand staples like ground beef, onion and black beans—this weeknight casserole will have everyone asking for seconds.

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