Fried Chicken Batter Recipes

World's Best Extra Crispy Chicken Fingers

World's Best Extra Crispy Chicken Fingers. These are the world's best extra crispy chicken fingers. Crispy, crunchy batter-dipped fried chicken... it doesn't get better than this.

Batter. This batter fried chicken takes a quick brine and is dipped in batter for a crisp Southern style crust. Simple as can be.
Betty's Batter

Betty's Batter. Betty demonstrates how to make Batter-Dipped Fried Chicken Nuggets. This recipe features a batter that can be used for deep-fried chicken, seafood, or vegeta...
The Best Korean Fried Chicken

The Best Korean Fried Chicken . When it comes to frying chicken nobody—and I mean nobody—does it better than the Koreans. My apologies to all you Southerners. Korean fried chicken (or KFC as those in the know call it) differs vastly from American-style fried chicken. Rather than the craggly, crusty, significant coating you'd get on say, a Chick-Fil-A sandwich or a Popeye's drumstick, you get an eggshell-thin, ultra-crisp crust around a drippingly juicy interior.nnThe end goal is clear, but the road to get there required a bit of bushwhacking.

Batter. When Chris Kimball speaks, I listen. So when he announced on a new Cook's Country episode that this batter-fried chicken was better than last years fried chicken, I immediately ran to the store to buy the supplies. Actually, Last Year's Fried Chicken was my first recipe that I posted on this blog, January 1, 2010.…
Pioneer Take

Pioneer Take.

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