Firm Tofu Recipes

Seriously Asian  Tofu Dengaku Recipe

Seriously Asian: Tofu Dengaku Recipe . Note: Every week, SE intern Chichi Wang will be discussing some aspect of Asian cookery, with an emphasis on the traditional, underappreciated, or misunderstood elements thereof. "While I'm amenable to the idea that somewhere out there, someone is baking one...
Asian Baked Tofu Recipe

Asian Baked Tofu Recipe . This Asian Baked Tofu recipe isn't just for vegans because it contains sweet and salty flavors that enhance the tofu while baking.
Stewed Pork Belly, Eggs And Firm Tofu Recipe (lu Wei, 卤味

Stewed Pork Belly, Eggs and Firm Tofu Recipe (Lu Wei, 卤味) . "Lu wei (卤味)" is one of the famous street food in Taiwan. It uses a special Chinese technique involving stewing and marinating of ingredients in a soy sauce based broth with spices. There are many ingredients that can be used for this stew such as pig's stomach, pig's intestines, duck's feet, pork belly, firm tofu, eggs and etc etc.In today's recipe, I will be using only 3 different ingredients which are the pork belly, eggs and firm tofu.
Braised Bean Curd With Mushrooms (firm Tofu)

Braised Bean Curd with Mushrooms (Firm Tofu) . Braised Bean Curd with Mushrooms (Firm Tofu) - Ground pork, shiitake mushrooms, dark soy sauce, scallion, and garlic come together in this delicious recipe.

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