Easy Sweet Recipes

Easy Southern Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

Easy Southern Sweet Potato Pie Recipe. Easy Southern Sweet Potato pie tastes like a cool crisp Fall day, warm pungent spices, and Thanksgiving dinner all wrapped up in one delicious and decadent bite. www.gritsandpinecones.com
Diwali Sweets Indian Sweet Cham Cham Recipe Easy Sweet Dish Recipe

Diwali sweets/Indian sweet cham cham recipe/easy sweet dish recipe/homemade sweet. [http://letsbefoodie.com/] Indian famous sweet, cham cham aka chum chum is Bengali sweet easy to make at home with milk. An easy recipe of Indian sweet cham ... www.youtube.com
Tutti Fruity Burfi

Tutti Fruity Burfi . Such an easy desert made using milk powder. It hardly takes 10 mins to make from start to finish. Super delicious one. You need only 4 ingredients. www.pinterest.com
Easy Sweet

Easy Sweet. Kids will "heart" this special recipe for a fun Valentine's Day lunch-box treat. www.pillsbury.com
Squash Halwa

Squash Halwa. Celebrating this year’s Diwali with this homemade easy dessert… Diwali, “the festival of lights” is one of the famous Indian festivals. To me when I think of Diwali, two things come to my mind – firecrackers and sweets! I cannot explain how nostalgic I feel right now. I have so many good memories associated with […] www.thasneen.com

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