Easy Brisket Recipes

Shortcut Oven

Shortcut Oven. A quick and easy brisket recipe that allows you to braise in the oven for slow-cooked flavor in four hours. www.gorare.com
Easy Oven Brisket Recipe, Nice And Tender!

Easy Oven Brisket Recipe, Nice and Tender! . Very easy oven brisket recipe. Simply rub the brisket with spices, cook in a foil pouch, then broil to crisp up the fat. Nice and tender! healthyrecipesblogs.com
Beef Brisket Made Easy

Beef Brisket Made Easy . I’m going to let you in on a little secret: smoking beef brisket is easy, requiring maybe 30 minutes of actual work from start to finish. barbecuebible.com

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