Chocolate Martini Recipes

Sludgy Chocolate Martini

Sludgy Chocolate Martini . Discover your new favorite chocolate martini that is far from toil and trouble. This Sludgy Chocolate Martini is perfect for the adults on Halloween. It features brewed coffee, vodka, chocolate-flavored liqueur, vanilla ice cream and peanut butter.
Baileys Chocolate Martini Recipe

Baileys Chocolate Martini Recipe . This is a must-try recipe that you will not regret! Our Baileys chocolate martini is perfect drink for a quiet night in relaxing or as a post-dinner treat.
The Best Chocolate Martini Recipe Ever

The BEST Chocolate Martini Recipe EVER. Seriously, the most amazing chocolate martini recipe you have ever tasted. DO NOT WAIT. Make these right now. You're welcome.
Chocolate Martini

Chocolate Martini .
Best Chocolate Martini Recipe

Best Chocolate Martini Recipe . It is an every chocolate lover’s delight. Best chocolate martini can be easily prepared by mixing your favorite chocolate liqueur with vodka.

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