Campbells Chicken Recipes

Campbell's Quick Creamy Chicken & Noodles Recipe

Campbell's Quick Creamy Chicken & Noodles Recipe .
Chicken Enchiladas Verde Recipe

Chicken Enchiladas Verde Recipe . Our baked chicken enchiladas verde recipe is the perfect solution to a left-over chicken problem. This dish is so good, you are sure to make it again and again!
Campbells Cooking Soups Plus 5 Great Recipes

Campbells Cooking Soups plus 5 Great Recipes.
Recipe Collections

Recipe Collections . Campbell's® soups are not just great for a quick soup, they're great in recipes too! Add a can of Campbell's® cream of mushroom to your next casserole or try Campbell's® tomato soup in your next batch of chili! These great recipes from Recipe4Living will help you save money and use up some of those cans in your pantry!
Busy Cooks

Busy Cooks . Want to cook a tasty chicken dinner in a snap? Try these quick and easy recipes from Campbell's! From Creamy Chicken Dijon With Rice to Skillet Garlic Chicken, who wouldn't love a great easy chicken dish?

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