Best Coleslaw Recipes

Cole Slaw Recipe

Cole Slaw Recipe . Get Cole Slaw Recipe from Food Network
Classic Coleslaw With Greek Yogurt

Classic coleslaw with Greek yogurt . The black mustard seeds and the super-light Greek yogurt dressing make this classic coleslaw a keeper. A perfect side for your favorite comfort foods!
Easy Apple Coleslaw Recipe

Easy Apple Coleslaw Recipe . This easy Apple Coleslaw is great for lunch or dinner and every party you will ever host or attend. Everything can be prepped ahead of time.
Creamy Coleslaw Recipe Southern & Homemade

Creamy Coleslaw Recipe Southern & Homemade . This easy, creamy coleslaw recipe is a family favorite. Just the right amount of sweetness.
The Best Coleslaw Recipe

The Best Coleslaw Recipe . This is a recipe I got from Guy Fierri, it was a recipe from one of the restaurants he went to on Diners, drive-ins and dives. Yummy and simple! I of course made a little change to cut down on fat. I replaced most of the mayo with fat free greek yogurt. But it was delicious!
Creamy Coleslaw Recipe

Creamy Coleslaw Recipe . Classic cole slaw of deeply flavored, sweet-and-tangy cabbage. The secret is to do a rapid purge of excess cabbage liquid with a quick cure of salt and sugar before tossing the shreds in a creamy dressing.

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