Baked Pear Recipes

Baked Pears  A Healthy Dessert

Baked Pears: A Healthy Dessert . All Things Indian Food and Culture
Baked Marsala Pears

Baked Marsala Pears . Warm baked pears oven-roasted in Marsala wine - a perfect, no-effort winter dessert recipe!
Baked Pears Recipe

Baked Pears Recipe . This recipe is from The Delforge Place Bed & Breakfast in Fredericksburg, Texas. Use the best ripe pears you can find! Great as dessert or for Christmas morning or anytime you want to do something special for your friends and family.
Butterscotch Baked Pears

Butterscotch Baked Pears . I wouldn’t say no to a scoop of vanilla ice cream with this dessert.
Simple Maple Vanilla Baked Pears (video)

Simple Maple Vanilla Baked Pears (Video) . An easy, healthy, four ingredient recipe for deliciously simple maple vanilla baked pears!

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